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Focus on your business, not on the tech!

Bringing 20+ years of B2C / B2B experience to creating solutions for your business. Rapid solutions for workflow automations, apps, validation of ideas.

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Airtable Automation with Scripts

Automation with Scripts in Airtable is a super power unleashed. If your automation is missing some steps, just use scripts.

Notes: The Most Undervalued Skill In Client Servicing

Every now and then I try and optimise my systems just as I do for my clients. Here's how I did it on Notion.

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Jason Hargrove

Airtable Consultant and Developer @ Baseweave

"Ruchika has the kind of mind and experience I love to have as part of a low-code development team. She is really plugged in to the low-code scene, an incredibly fast and integrative learner and her ability to see the big picture as well as keep her eye on granular details is so valuable. I think it's rare to find someone who is able to hunt for elegant solutions as well and implement them. While I have worked with her with an Airtable and Stacker project I wouldn't box her into any single platform, she would perform anywhere!"

Jason Hargrove

Founder @

"It was an absolute pleasure to work with Ruchika. Her business experience and ability to translate the needs of the business into usable code and development was outstanding. Much of what we were doing were combinations of low code development that hadn't been done before and she seamlessly sailed through and delivered excellent usable product. I cannot recommend her highly enough.
Her communication skills are top notch and she also functions great as an advisor on ideas and processes."

Shree Bharambe

Founder CEO @ Maverix Platforms

"Ruchika has deep understanding of the various considerations that go into developing a tech solution. She is able to find or develop solutions that are technically sound and contextually appropriate.
Ruchika is a highly competent and upright professional. She is methodical and practices effective, fluent and forthright communication."


Airtable Automation with Scripts

Image Recognition AI App

Identification of Product SKUs by clicking pictures.

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SMS eCommerce

MVP for an SMS eCommerce brand using only NoCode platforms

Product Catalog App

Showcase your products through an app and continue to transact on WhatsApp.

Video Tutorial App images

Video Tutorial App

Mobile app that connects video training followed by in-app testing